Saturday, 21 May 2011

Baby steps

For once the heading for today's blog entry isn't some kind of witty double entendre, clever analogy or play on worlds. I'm literally talking about my baby's steps. And he's taking more of them every day. In fact the video here is not that impressive but I've managed to not have my camera around every time he actually takes his multiple baby steps across the lounge.

I didn't think I was all that keen to see Alex walking. I know that once he walks it's just a matter of time before he's running and that's a whole new world of trouble. He took soooo long to finally start crawling that I decided not to stress about this particular milestone. And I haven't to be honest, I still enjoy watching his little toosh wiggle from side to side as he wonders off to explore the uncharted depths of bathroom or chase animals in a park and I figure he'll walk when he's good and ready.

Judging by the last couple of days he's getting close to ready and I''m very excited. He's just so proud of himself when he makes it from the chair to the coffee table or from his mum to his dad, he even gives himself a little clap to recognise the effort.

Sunday's effort -  we've been making progress by moving the coffee table further away...

and aren't we proud of ourselves!

Monday, 16 May 2011

You'll need to speak with my agent

This weekend had a touch of the celebrity lifestyle. Appropriately it was at the Sydney Opera House when our little man had his moment in the spotlight. It started with a gentle climb up the opera house steps - that's right ALL OF THEM. It didn't even take him very long, he was a baby on a mission.

Presumably they don't get so many little people crawling up the steps so he attracted a bit of attention. And when he made it to the wide expanse at the top of
the steps the world was his oyster and off he went crawling into the open, with no regard for the strangers gathered in groups in the sunshine.

Then he was spotted! A very excited Japanese tourist with a camera. A smile a flash and suddenly we were surrounded by about 7 of her girl friends all grinning, chirping and chattering with cameras whirring (do cameras still whir?) and flashing.

Well that was it, the bottom lip wobbled, the mouth opened and the crying started. So like a celebrity security guard I whipped up the star cargo into my arms and away from the paparazzi... and there ended our little mans moment in the limelight.

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Working mama pros and cons

Investigating the printer - maybe he can
come to work with me?
 I've gone back to work, full time.

There... I've said it.

It actually happened three weeks ago but it's only now that I've been able to type about it and get a handle on my guilt, nerves, worries, tears, fears and all the other feelings that have been whirring around inside since April 18th. That's not to say that any of the aforementioned feelings have dissipated, far from it. So instead of going into detail I'm going to write sensible, emotion-free pros and con of returning to work list.

Here goes...

  • I appreciate much more the precious time Alex and I have together and it really is quality time now. I think I was taking it for granted a bit before
  • The look on Alex's face when I walk in the door after a day at work is amazing... I must get the camera out next time
  • Nanna B is doing a wonderful job as temporary nanny and Alex loves her even more than ever
  • I'm earning money for the first time in 13 months
  • Having a beautiful bubba at home gives you some excellent perspective - nothing at work is that bad or that important.
  • It breaks my heart to leave him in the morning
  • I have gone from spending all day long with Alex to about 2.5 hours
  • I hate commuting - especially the inevitable traffic which cuts into the precious time mentioned above
  • It's hard to be excited, inspired or enthusiastic about any job when really what you want to do is be at home playing with your little man
  • Childcare is a NIGHTMARE in this city, 12 month waiting lists with no guarantee of a place, crazy waiting list charges, expensive fees... I could go on...
  • I can't help thinking that in 20 years time I'll be regretting not having spend more time with my son, I won't be regretting not having worked in that ad agency in Sydney
People tell me it gets easier.

Friday, 6 May 2011

A little agreement about significant moments

I've had a little word to Alex. I've informed him that he must restrain from reaching any significant developmental milestones during the week.

Discovering news skills, words, habits, noises, talents and abilities is to be restricted to weekends only, or, if this is not possible the in the mornings before 7.30am or the evenings after 6.30pm.

I see nothing unreasonable about this request.

Yours sincerely
Working mother trying to have it all.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Finally getting a handle on things and then...

yes, one of the neglected areas is the hair cut dept.
So we're finally getting settled into Sydney and getting into a routine with little Alex. We've been on a rocky sleeping routine for months with all the moving countries, changing time zones, sharing a bedroom with his parents and general upheaval. At night Alex would often struggle to fall asleep on his own and would wake up once or twice in the night - and of course wake us up in the bed next to him. During the day we would find ourselves rocking, singing "row row row your boat" and generally patting and jiggling the little man to sleep twice or three times a day - the result of which was usually at best 30 minutes of blissful sleep followed by wailing and general mayhem. Frequently it took longer than 30 minutes to get him off to sleep in the first place.

but not any more

oh no...

These days he goes quietly off to sleep each night and sleeps through until at least 6am with barely a mummer or a gurgle (and other parents will know that 6am is the equivalent of a sleep in till 10 in baby terms). During the day he will frequently sleep for an hour and a half twice a day. And when he wakes up, he just sits up, finds some toys in his cot and quietly chats to them until one of us goes and gets him.

Now, this didn't happen over night. It was a bit of a battle, there were tears, some of them from bubba. I had some fantastic tips from my friend Nicole, all of which worked perfectly (thanks Nic). But we got there in the end and suddenly, we had free time! We could actually watch a whole film in the evening. I could actually get stuff done during the day!

So what did I do?

Decided to go back to work.

Really... what was I thinking.

Well, I would tell you more but I'm tired and have to get up to go to work tomorrow morning. grumble grumble...
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