Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Alex's 3rd birthday tour - part 1 Melbourne

official candle blowing ceremony
In a move normally reserved for royals - Alex chose to take a tour to celebrate his birthday - with celebrations on multiple dates down the eastern seaboard. The tour began with a trip to Melbourne where his Alexness was accommodated by the most wonderful Theodossiou / Braun family and the lady Emily. During his time in Melbourne Alex visited local attractions, got up close and personal with local flora and fauna at a trip to the zoo and supported the local economy by paying far to much for a punnet of hand picked strawberries. As you can see by the photos below all celebrations were thoroughly dignified and proper...

When touring it's important for one to sample
the local produce
and I mean sample...

Definitely no fun happening in this picture

The inevitable nude royal snap!

Sometimes one just has to take the wheel

Getting close to nature - and the lovely Lady Emily

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