Monday, 12 November 2012

On Sunday we went to a mini-kid-festival-jamboree-extravoganza.  The sweet smell of candy floss,  sausage sizzles  and animal turds assaulted our nostrils in a strange yet bold combination.  This is the second mini-kid-festival-jamboree-extravoganza we've been to in as many months. Completely free music, kid presenters, face-painting,  entertainment and food/drinks. Best of all there has always been a petting zoo tucked away in some corner (see photos), where Alex can finally meet all the species he comes across in such abundance in his books.
Basically, what we're gradually learning is that  Leichhardt Municipal Council is a dab hand when it comes to putting on the ole' mini-kid-festival-jamboree-extravoganza...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Alex poolside

Alex is practicing his leap, though not a complete '10'  he does manage to go under water and emerge again without the coughing and spluttering that marred previous attempts.
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