Monday, 19 September 2011

Getting on

Alex is either starting to settle into a new routine or perhaps discovering a new found independence. Last week - for the first time he didn't cry when I dropped him off with the Nanny. Haydn often finds him playing with other kids and barely acknowledging him when he comes to collect him at Daycare at the end of the day and last Sunday Haydn and I actually went out for the night while baby Alex stayed at home with big Alex and mean uncle hOb. I prepared them for tears, for the throwing of food, reluctance to go to bed, general non-compliance... and what happened? Baby Alex watched us leave the house with not a tear, ate all his dinner and then went to bed happily with a giggle - an actual giggle. And apparently it was the same little man.


Ever since Alex developed his fascination with the iPad we have discovered little digital presents from him in surprising places, for example, I find a message in the notepad application that simply says gfdjkl and nothing else. Occasionally he deletes the notes or actions I've taken for work which is not ideal and I guess the parent equivalent to a "dog ate my homework" excuse for not doing the actions from that particular meeting.

Most recently we have been finding random photos and videos appearing on the iPad, frequently of the floor, or a wall, but sometimes they are amusing or what could only be called art.

I've included a selection of works from Alex's first exhibition which he's calling "gfdjkl"

This series is especially amusing I think...

Saturday, 10 September 2011

A few lessons from a Teddy Bear's picnic

A couple of weekends ago (bad blogging practice but I'm at least 2 weeks behind at the moment) we went to little Elliott Cleary's Teddy Bear's Picnic 1st birthday party and learned a few lessons.

The name is Bond...

Attempting to coral the kids and their teddy bears for a photo

1. If you're going to have a party for 20 + kids and parents have it at the in law's house and pray for sunshine

2. A little plastic tunnel in the middle of the lawn can provide hours of entertainment

Tunnel mission complete M

3. Alex is a bit too young for face painting

Alex and the face painter were not the best of friends

4. You can never be too young for birthday cake - especially when you're the birthday boy!

Elliott birthday boy with mum and dad

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fathers Day Craft

On Sunday Alex explored his inner artist and outer mess maker and produced what can only be described as a creative masterpiece with glitter and paint represented in the form of a fathers day card.
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