Saturday, 24 April 2010

Smile, though your stomach is aching...

I realise that every parent thinks their child is more advanced that the rest, developing more quickly than the books say they are supposed to, whether that's first steps, first words, first post graduate degrees. Well for us, it's all about the smile. See, according to the books babies don't 'really' smile until about 6 or 7 weeks, according to the other mums in our NCT group it can happen after a month... and anything before that is just wind. It doesn't seem fair that something as lovely as a smile on a baby could actually just be a build up of gas in his little stomach and we've been convincing ourselves that he's actually smiling at us, not trying to fart. This little montage of photos is part of my ongoing struggle to capture bubba's 'smiles' on camera. What do you think? Genuine joy or just a pain in the...

Friday, 23 April 2010

First month in the world

Some photos from master Butler's first month exploring the world.

Bathtime... looking at mum! After initial reservations about bathtime, including a memorable incident involving pooping in the above bath we are now loving our massage and bath routine and our post bath cuddle with Dad in our cuddledry towel.

Here we have our extra special home made baby blanket from the lovely Amy, made especially special by the fact that Amy is probably our busiest friend, yet she took the time to knit this wonderful blanket. It now goes everywhere with us, in the pram, on the car seat, on the bouncy chair... and amazingly Alex hasn't been sick on it yet... clearly a blanket with extraordinary powers!

Trips out and the ever changing weather in London mean many costume changes for master Butler

Hanging out with NCT friends including Nicholas, Poppy, Dilys, Sarah, Tilly & of course Alex

A few visitors during the first month, already showing the love to Nanna B & enjoying a first picnic with the Comfort-Serbutts (Cordellia is running around in the background somewhere)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hey my name is...

Alexander Auberon Butler arrived (a couple of weeks after his scheduled appearance) on Wednesday March 31st. Delivery challenge over but then the you have to give him a name, how do you decide on a name that this little person will have for the rest of his life? What happens if an embarrassing reality TV contestant appears with the same name at a critical time in the little man's social development? What if P&G release an 'Alex Butler' laxative just before his high school graduation? What if, in a few years time, he suddenly looks like an Elliot (our other name choice) and not at all like an Alex?

OK, I realise I'm being ridiculous but these things go through your mind when you're stuck in hospital, desperate to go home with your beautiful, all be it un-named, little boy. So did the logical thing, and asked every nurse, doctor and midwife who wondered into our hospital room and it was unanimous, he's definitely an Alex... or an Alexander. We went with Dad's surname so mum got to choose the middle name. I wanted something to remind me of my side of the family and decided on my grandfather's name Auberon. Dad also let me know the origin of Auberon I think is fantastic. According to the
encyclopedia of baby names The meaning of Auberon is 'noble bear; elf ruler, supernaturally powerful'. You can't argue with that now can you! A variation of the name was also used by William Shakespeare himself for the king of the fairies in a Midsummer Night's Dream - Oberon. Destined for greatness our little Alexander.

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