Saturday, 23 April 2011

Am I creating a future couch potato?

I started work on Monday - after 13 months of not working... more on that later. The day before I returned to work I went to the baby shop to spend the voucher grandpa had given Alex for Christmas. OK, you might call it a guild present but I came back with this very cute and kind of stylish toddler sized rocking chair. He wasn't 100% sure about it when it first appeared in the lounge room it didn't take long for him to become a fan. in fact, one morning after i'd left for work he crawled over to his chair, climbed in, made him self comfortable and started watching TV. Not exactly a habit I want him to get used too but the photo Haydn sent me was so cute and really made my morning at work. I think my new workmates were a bit sick of seeing it.

I think he looks like a little old man with his knee up here

In fact, even as I type I'm watching Alex get into and out of his chair and rock it while he does. I think that classifies as a hit, and as a bonus, it's a baby friendly thing that actually matches the rest of our furniture. And yes, there is a baby foot stool to go with it. Hilarious!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The effortless dressed up look

Fashion is a tough business
As every girl knows, it's essential for any wardrobe to contain at least one posh frock, an outfit that is ready to go when that invitation to the oscars or the royal wedding comes beckoning.

Now I'm pleased to announce that Alex has one such outfit. Stylish yet comfortable, funky without being too hipster, smart and ready for all seasons - well until it doesn't fit him in about 5 weeks time. It's the perfect number to slip on when the queen surprises you with an invitation to afternoon tea.

Alex gave his new look its first outing for our friends Nick and Rosie's wedding in Bondi this past weekend. It proved to be a hit with the guests and provided enough comfort and flexibility to do lots of crawling around and climbing onto furniture in. Perfect! It's essentially the baby equivalent to the LBD.

Now I just need to teach Alex which fork to use first... it's outside in... or is it inside out...

Much happier now we're outside
Marks Park @ Nick & Rosie's wedding

Monday, 11 April 2011

More assisted walkies

Progress on the walking/pushing front...

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Nursery Fun

Ready for take off - there does seem to be a 'flying' theme
So Alex has only had his own room for a few weeks now.

Initially the room was so embarrassingly stark and boring it's no wonder he burst into tears when ever we put him in his cot for a daytime nap.

The only things to gaze at from his horizontal mattress-bound position were the mysterious marks on the roller blind and the selection of dents in the wall from when we moved the furniture in the previous tenants.

Well, I've finally got my act into gear and attempted the make the room a bit more fun and little-person-appropriate. I'm not a designer or decorator by anyone's estimation - if you want to see true style look at my friend Nicole's blog. But I had fun and it definitely looks better than it did before. And I genuinely think Alex doesn't complain quite as much when he is put to bed in the afternoon and can even be heard quietly playing, nattering to his toys when he wakes up - well, sometimes.

Cot, birdy mobile & quilt hand made
by Nanna B
Mr Owl watching over Alex

In case you don't know who lives here

More birdies

I'd love to know what you think? 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Flying the coop already

Back from daycare - clearly traumatised
Today Alex had his first day in daycare. His first day away from both mum and dad in 372 days (aka his whole life so far). It was only the second day I'd ever been away from the little man for more than a few hours. 

We'd researched and visited lots of childcare offerings near home and Haydn's work, we'd planned the day carefully, we'd practised by visiting the centre for the past two days to get us comfortable with the place - yet still I found it a traumatic experience. Notice I found it traumatic, Alex apparently didn't have such difficulties adjusting. Apart from a brief cry after I left - quickly overcome by discovering a new toy in the sandpit, and a few incidents with particularly scary bubbles Alex handled the whole affair very well.

He even managed to sleep, in a strange place, with a bunch of other babies snuffling and wining next to him, with noisy kids running around outside the room, for an hour and a half! An hour and a half! I can't get him to sleep that long in a silent room, with his favourite comforting toys and me tiptoeing and holding my breath outside.

Perhaps the whole situation was so traumatic for him that all he could do was sleep and hope the nightmare would be over when he wakes, perhaps the staff from the daycare centre always tell you that your child handled their first day better than most, and tell all parents that their children hardly cried even though they'd actually been in tears for hours, perhaps they'd say anything to stop you removing your child and depriving them of their extortionate fees. Perhaps I had far too much time to think about all this while Alex was happily playing with his new friends. 

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock

The clocks went back in NSW this morning. Normally the end of daylight savings is a little win, a bonus hour's sleep. The only negative is trying to remember how to change the clock on the front of oven after 6 months.

This morning, at 4.45am to be precise, Haydn and I attempted to find the button, the switch, the manual anything at all which could enable us to reprogram the timer in our 1 year old son. After a bit of internet research we discovered it's not that simple.

So we said goodbye to our extra hour's sleep and decided instead to enjoy the extra hour with our little man.
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