Monday, 15 August 2011

One day I'll grow up to be...

A racing car driver?


A dancer?

All three...

At once!

OK... I'll just be a toddler for now.

Kicking off with the hard stuff

Alex enjoying another Alex's 'milky wares'.

Some kids start with a lemonade stand, perhaps some handmade shell necklaces, maybe selling cookies door to door. Alex goes straight for the hard stuff, and, I'd say a more profitable business opportunity at these organic markets in Gladesville.

umm... it's not a "sitting castle"
OK, so he hasn't quite become the entrepreneur at 16 months old, but he did enjoy the baby-cino on offer and we couldn't miss the photo opportunity.

And it doesn't stop at baby sized milky drinks, the markets even have a JUMPING CASTLE! Unfortunately adults weren't allowed on the jumping castle so I begrudgingly stepped aside to let Alex, and our friend Dan's daughter Rachel have a bounce.

Enjoying some quality leave gathering... and some more sitting... with Rachel

Friday, 5 August 2011

Saying goodbye to Nanna B

Seeing Nanna off at the airport
 So we're on our own again.

Last weekend we dropped the lovely Nanna B off at the airport so she could finally return home after more than 3 months looking after Alex, and looking after mum and dad as well to be honest.

I had been dreading this week a bit. How were we going to manage? Could we really give Alex breakfast, drop him at the Nannyshare/Daycare, get to our respective works, actually do our jobs, pick him up, feed him and get him tucked up in bed before midnight? Well, so far so good, it might be the honeymoon period but we've managed to survive the week, after lots of planning, preparation of at least two dinners on the weekend, some car swapping, a doctors visit, a little working from home and a take away dinner tonight (well, no one's perfect).

We all miss Nanna but Alex seems to be doing well with the Nanny, Beena which is a real relief he's also enjoying daycare more and more every day.

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