Monday, 11 March 2013

taking things into my own hands...

Dear Blog,

Let's not beat about the bush here - mummy has been quite frankly terrible at updating my blog so I've decided to take over and let you know what I've been up to this summer.

But first, the latest with me. I'm almost 3 now, I can count to twenty, although sometimes I forget 13. My favorite things are chasing the new pussy cats, Bronte & Bear, who live in our house, eating grapes and playing with my next door neighbour Lexy, she's only 1 and a girl but she's OK.

It's my birthday soon, I'm going to have a party. I like presents I would like a motorbike, a harmonica and Woody to go with my Buzz Lightyear. 

This summer  I've mostly been...

Beaching with Uncle hOb
More Splashing


Meeting girls

Going up and down
Hanging with Daddy

Getting a bit of 'culture'

Even more splashing (are you picking up the theme?)

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