Sunday, 30 March 2014

Alex is (almost) 4 - A Cars Party and good reason for a blog post at last

Apologies to anyone who has been looking at the same WAY out of date blog post for the past 12 months or so…

To make up for it here are some hot-off-the-press photo's from Alex's 4th birthday party yesterday.

It was a big day, lots of planning involved and a cake that almost killed me… the photos below do not adequately capture the preparation, pain and stress involved.

… but we all survived and the party went off without a hitch, lots of lovely friends from daycare as well as friends and family came along, there were games, lots of presents, a bit too much sugar but smiles all round. That evening a very happy and exhausted Alex said 'I'm tired mummy' (FIRST TIME EVER) he took his pass the parcel prize to bed and fell asleep before I could even finish the story (SECOND TIME EVER).

The birthday boy

All the kids got drivers licenses when they arrived

Racing car bears - didn't take a picture when they were all finished but you get the idea

I tried to tell the kids we could just 'look at the cake' no need to cut it up

they weren't having it...

a look of horror from Uncle hOb re the amount of sugar involved

the anticipation

everyone was keen for cake 

duelling blowy whistle things - what are they called?

Piñata fun begins

Alex has a turn

OK, so I had to have a go or we would have been there all night

the rush for more sugar begins

it's like they'd never seen lollies before!

variation on musical chairs - thankfully no injuries

jumping castle - I forgot to take a photo until the party was over so looking a bit sad with just Alex

Will try to do another post before his next birthday!

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